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Yoga for Parkinson's Disease
and Movement Disorders

Yoga for movement disorders focuses on building strength and flexibility specific to the needs that conditions such as Parkinson's, stroke recovery and dystonia present.

The Less Is More (LIM) Yoga approach

  • incorporates modifications and adaptions
  • connects movement in and out of poses to moving through daily activities
  • brings awareness and compassion to how we move
  • rediscovers a balance within

Explore the benefits of LIM Yoga through

  • class offerings
  • teacher training and workshops
  • blog postings
  • books and DVD
  • links to informative resources

May they help you find your balance.

New book for kids

Treasure_hunt cover

"A Treasure Hunt for Mama and Me is an excellent example of offering ways a child can work to adapt to and accept a parent's chronic or serious illness."
— Midwest Book Review

2013 World Parkinsons Congress Yoga and Service Dog Presentations

Download the poster and presentations