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Yoga for Parkinson's Disease
and Movement Disorders DVD

This video DVD guides viewers through a series of yoga poses and sequences designed specifically for people with Parkinson's or other movement disorders. The two-hour video includes:

  • - Warm-up series
  • - Morning flow
  • - Afternoon flow
  • - Evening flow
  • - Sun Salutation
  • - Standing and seated variations of each
  • - Tips concerning balance, posture, tremor

Expanding on the award-winning book, Yoga for Movement Disorders, this DVD can be used as a companion volume or as a stand-alone guide.

The author is a Registered Yoga Teacher who specializes in adapting traditional poses for people with movement disorders. A stroke survivor and person living with Parkinson's disease, the author teaches and speaks on the benefits of yoga worldwide.

Yoga for Movement Disorders DVD

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To Purchase:

Available directly from the author: $13.95 (Regular price: $16.95)

Also available at: amazon.com
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