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Yoga for Parkinson's Classes

Each Yoga for Parkinsons and movement disorders class begins with a period of coming to stillness before asana practice. Poses are demonstrated with chair support, beginning with seated warmups and moving into standing and mat postures. The class closes with an extended guided relaxation.

LIM Yoga now offers classes in the Pacific Northwest.

Yoga with Renée

Mondays starting September 21, 2015: 130 - 2:45pm
Lotus Tea & Studio, 710 SE Fidalgo Ave., Oak Harbor, WA

Discover how yoga can be beneficial to people with movement disorders or other limitations (such as Parkinson's, MS, stroke recovery). Less Is More (LIM) Yoga is specially designed with modifications, adaptations and supports that

  • Increase awareness of how to move safely.
  • Reduce fear of falling.
  • Connect movement in and out of poses to daily activities.
  • Restore a sense of balance.

First class (on September 21) is free. Classes continue on Mondays, 1:30-2:45 PM, $8.

Yoga for "I can't do Yoga"

Whidbey sunrise

Tuesday Dec. 1 at 6:00 PM
Freeland Library


Friday, Dec. 4 at 2:00 PM
Oak Harbor Library

Yoga can be helpful for everybody — every body.

Every style of yoga, however, is not for everybody. People living with limitations – due to injury, illness, aging – may find yoga daunting.

Poses and flows, however, can be specifically designed with limitations in mind. When these supports and modifications are in place, yoga becomes not only "doable," it's helpful. Someone with limitations, living with stiffness, weakened muscles or balance concerns, can benefit more from a yoga practice than someone without health issues.

The presenter discusses and demonstrates approaches targeted at yoga for every body, what to consider, why they're helpful and how to apply them

For more information: renee@limyoga.com or call 978-420-4340