Yoga for Parkinson’s Disease
& Movement Disorders

It’s not gentle yoga.
It’s not chair yoga.
Yoga for renee_chair_stand[1]movement disorders
focuses on  needs specific to conditions such as Parkinson’s, stroke recovery, MS and dystonia.

The Less Is More (LIM) Yoga approach

  • incorporates modifications and adaptions with supports such as a chair, walls and other props.
  • connects movement in and out of poses to moving through daily activities.
  • brings awareness and compassion to how we move.
  • rediscovers the gentle balance within.

Explore the benefits of LIM Yoga through

  • class offerings.
  • teacher training and workshops.
  • blog postings.
  • books and DVD.
  • links to informative resources.

May they help you find your balance.

Yoga for Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders